Author: Desiree Mackey SE PE

RTC Summary

As you all probably know, we attended Revit Technology Conference, North America, last week, which is why our blog has been pretty quiet lately.  In the week leading up to the event we were putting the finishing touches on our presentations and

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Detached from Workplane Fix for Beam Systems

I find the “Element will be detached from its associated plane” warning the perhaps second most annoying warning (the beam slightly off axis is the most annoying). Sometimes there isn’t a good (read quick) way to fix this warning so

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Select by ID

A few days ago, a coworker asked for a way to locate every instance of a family (in this case it was a detail component family).  His goal was to delete all instances and the usual process of selecting all

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Revit Basics – Temporary Dimensions

This is an excerpt from an article that I wrote for AUGIWorld. When selecting an element, beginners are taught that the little blue dimensions that appear are temporary dimensions.  Unfortunately the temporary dimensions do not always show dimensions between the

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Revit Basics – Selecting a Detail Bubble

For several reasons Revit users will often want to show only the bubble portion of a section cut or a callout.  For example, they want a bubble shown thus: This is normally achieved via pulling the tail in very close. 

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