Author: Desiree Mackey SE PE

Structural Framing Tags: Level vs. Sloped

When using the beam annotation (Annotate tab, shown below) tool to quickly tag many structural framing elements, there are a couple quick tips that are good to remember. First, note that there are two tabs: one for level beams and

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Top of Footing Tag Work Around

A way to tag the top of footing elevation is a question that comes up often.  Below is a procedure that I came up with a year or so ago.  I wrote an article for AUGIWorld last year on this

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Framing Orientation

This is one of those Revit basics that has been forgotten, or perhaps never learned.  In the instance parameters for structural framing members, there is a parameter called “Orientation”. The framing member is only affected by this property if it

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Revit 2013 – Override in View By Category

This is a follow-up, or an expansion on our earlier post on this same topic. As noted before, a handy new undocumented feature in Revit 2013 is that selecting an element, right-clicking, and navigating to Override Graphics in View>>By Category

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Cross-Section Rotation Quirk

I was recently doing a quick little job for a client and in modeling the structure I needed to show a 2×4 wood framing member turned flat, so I used the OOTB 2×4 and set the Cross-Section Rotation to 90

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