Month: November 2015

Align Eaves

During a recent session of Revit Radio I was asked a few questions about roofs and their properties.  A post I did a while ago on Roof Overhang Values which covered one of the questions.  However it didn’t answer the question of

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Revit 2016 R2 Background Process Calculation Failed

Yesterday I did a post on the new feature for calculation processes, ironically later in the day I had a failure with this same feature, nice timing for a follow up post.  One of my clients was working away in

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Revit 2016 R2 Background Processes

There has been many blogs about the new features of 2106 R2 including Background Process and how multithreading is being utilized.  I haven’t seen any of them that shows the new icon that has appeared. Once this icon is selected

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Foundation Walls – Wall Function

During a session of Revit Radio this month the question came up  “Why can I only model Foundation walls with the depth value?”  Of course I couldn’t answer this question with a simple answer, I went in-depth into the parameter “Function”. When

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Parameters for Sheet List

As many users know in Revit if there are multiple disciplines working in different models things can be scheduled from those linked models, sheets are no exception.  However most companies will have custom parameters to get the schedule to sort,

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