Month: October 2014

Revit Basics – Group Origin Points

I am not a big fan of groups I tend to think they get over used in lieu of families, but this post isn’t going to get into that.  With that said there is a time and place for their use

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Revit Basics – View Range

Over the years I have had the question come up on why a level can’t be used as an underlay or be selected for view depth or bottom while in the View Range command.  ONLY levels with a view associated

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Generic Annotation Bug

While working with a family to resemble a Level head for detailing I noticed a quirk when dealing with Generic Annotations and justified text.  I had nested in a Generic Annotation family that only had a right justified label, this was

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Scope Box Quirk

When placing scope boxes they will come up with a default name Scope Box ??, where the question marks are a number.  If you rename a scope box to say Area 01 then use the scope box command to place a

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