Month: September 2014

Spot Slope Revit

While helping set up a template with a client there was a discussion on how the graphic should look for the spot slope symbol, hence this post. While  placing a spot slope there is an option to change the graphic

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Analytical Model

In preparation for my session on Structural Tools for Architects at BIM Workshops in Anaheim I thought of a nice tip that would be a good blog post.  When discussing structural tools inside of Revit I have heard the comment

Revision tags rotate with component

The other day while in training I found a subtle nuance to revision tags. If rotate with component is checked then the tag rotates with the curve of each bubble.  I know this option only works with draw type elements such as

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Sizing Reference Planes

I was doing some work with The Ant Group doing some detail work when Jim Balding (JB) mentioned a tip that I can’t believe I hadn’t been using for years.  When I create family content I am very specific about making sure the reference

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Windows Explorer/My Computer Columns

I previously posted about how to use the windows column filter to display what is needed.  I thought there should be a follow up post on how to change the display of the columns as well.  If you right click

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