Month: July 2014

Adaptive Component Water Volume

Dezi was working on a project where she had to figure out the amount of water that was accumulating in a failing double T.  Of course she approached the problem as an engineer and incorporated a lot of math into

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Dimensioning Sloped Framing

I have had some questions come up about dimensioning sloped framing, so I thought it deserved a blog post. Question: Why can’t I dimension to framing members when they are associated to a sloped work plane? This question comes up

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Synchronize Now vs Synchronize and Modify

I thought I would write this post to clarify the difference between the two options for Synchronizing a Revit file since I often see users not understanding the difference between the two.  I see this issue come up often when

Revit Structural Deck Line Types

For a few releases now Revit has had the capability to model composite decks with 2D graphics to display the metal deck when in sections.  While working with a client the question came up on what determines the line weights

Converting .exe for Autodesk deployment

When Autodesk releases a new service pack it is usually only available, at least with out massive searching, as a .exe file. The downside to this is the fact that if this wants to be added to a deployment they