Month: March 2013

Tie Beams to Columns

When first using Revit Structure it can be frustrating that when the height of a column moves or changes, the beams that were associated to the top of the column didn’t change elevation with the column.  This condition was changed

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Beam End Symbols

With beam members there has always been the ability to show a start or end connection symbols.  In the early releases connection symbols were limited to Moment Frame and Cantilever Moment.  These symbols could have any graphics desired, but they

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Temporary Dimensions – Tips

Everyone who has used Revit often uses temporary dimensions, and  even this simple tool has a few tips.  To activate a temporary dimension simply select an element on the screen.  Sometimes temporary dimensions don’t immediately display, this can happen if

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Automatic Radius for Coping Beams

When coping beams, especially steel beams, there are many complaints that the cope doesn’t include an automatic radius.  However, if a custom beam is created such that the flanges have a slight radius to them, this shape will be used

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Rotating Detail Families

When creating a filled/masking region inside of a detail component family a work plane can’t be specified before, or during the sketch mode.  My work around to this is to create a simple rectangle as the region, finish the sketch and then edit the

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