Month: February 2013

Convert all Grids to 2D

Sometime in projects an elevation needs to have the grid lines above the building. In order to accomplish this the 2D extents of the grid lines need to move not the 3D extents, because if the 3D extents are moved

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Linked Grids and Levels

Tired of having to go into the visibility graphics settings and constantly changing the settings in the Revit Link tab to turn off the grids and levels in those files? Or going turning off the workset of the linked model, hoping the consultant didn’t put

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Leader Lines text

If he need ever arises to where a the elbow of  a leader line needs to be removed so that the leader is straight, simply drag the grip of the elbow inside the text box and this will turn it into

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View Reference

One of the new features of Revit 2013 was the added capabilities of the View Reference command.  In the past this command was only available in views that were either a dependent or parent view.  In 2013 this has been expanded

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Print Current Window not available

The issue of only being able to print Selected views/sheets and not being able to print Current window in the Print Dialog box. The reason for this is because before going into the print command the user had last cliked in the Project Browser

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