Month: January 2013

Schedule only Linked Items

The question of how to schedule only elements from a liked model has come up a few times so I thought it would make  good post.  The first trick is to understand how to schedule items from a link, this

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View Templates and Area Plans

In previous posts I spoke about the great new features, and some cautions of view types and templates in 2013.  While setting up area and code plans I noticed that there is a slight variation in how to assign view templates

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Structural Framing Tags: Level vs. Sloped

When using the beam annotation (Annotate tab, shown below) tool to quickly tag many structural framing elements, there are a couple quick tips that are good to remember. First, note that there are two tabs: one for level beams and

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Schedules and Phases

The question comes up a lot how does the phase of a schedule get changed to the correct phase or to display no phases as all.  The first time I attempted to do this I searched high and low in all

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