Month: September 2012

Revit Weight Warning

I have posted in the past about crazy warnings that Revit will give us.  I am still trying to figure this one out, are the programmers hacking my webcam and calling me fat?  Or is my building going to somehow

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2013 Stair and Handrail Quirk 2

As I am setting up my new template for 2013 I will be posting all the little quirks I find so everyone doesn’t have to bang their head on the keyboard as I am doing. At first glance these tools

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2013 Stair and Handrail

While setting up a new template for one of my clients I noticed an interesting issue (I would call this a bug) with handrails and precast stairs. In Revit 2013 one of the small changes to stairs was the “End

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Plan View Types Part 3

I have posted a few times now about the Revit 2013 new Plan View Types.  I really like this feature, however I found another nuance that everyone should be aware of and hopefully will change with future service packs or

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2013 Divided Path Command

I was working on a layout of a panelized system around a tower, and I was using the new Divided Path commannd.  I found it has a limitation of 200 divisions. At first I thought this was going to be an

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