Month: July 2012

Cross-Section Rotation Quirk

I was recently doing a quick little job for a client and in modeling the structure I needed to show a 2×4 wood framing member turned flat, so I used the OOTB 2×4 and set the Cross-Section Rotation to 90

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Replacing Revit Toposurface

A question came up the other day that is worth a blog post.  My client had created a quick topography from a CAD link that was a preliminary surface.  He had created pads so that the views would look correct. 

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Sheet Issue Dates

One common thing I see in a set of Construction Documents is a schedule that displays all of the dates each sheet was issued on, either with a dot or symbol of some sort.  This is usually done with a project

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Navisworks opening Revit 2013

In 2013 Navisworks has the capability to open native Revit files.  The question that arises is how does it know what view in Revit to open and what does it import?  They way this is handled is very nice and

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RTC Summary

As you all probably know, we attended Revit Technology Conference, North America, last week, which is why our blog has been pretty quiet lately.  In the week leading up to the event we were putting the finishing touches on our presentations and

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