Month: June 2012

Linked AutoCAD Files – Layers

Recently a question arose about removing layers globally from a linked AutoCAD file inside of Revit.  The user had went into Object Styles, Imported Objects Tab and then expanded the file for the .dwg file then proceeded to delete the desired subcategories

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Revit 2013 – Temporary Hide Category

In Revit 2013 View Templates went under a total reconstruct, they are much better in this release, or at least I think so.  One of the major changes was the ability to have views dependent on a view template, so

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Revit 2013 Print

So in Revit 2013 I noticed a small little change to the print setup dialog box.  This change is minor and doesn’t really affect any options but will be nice for clarification.  In 2012 and earlier when you changed the Zoom

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Steering Wheel Features

While using the steering wheel command in Autodesk products, (I have only tested this with Revit and Navisworks), some of the features have additional options or tools associated with them. For those of you who haven’t used the steering wheel Shift+W will bring

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Revit Basics – Linework Tool

The linework tool is found on the Modify tab, in the View panel.   With this tool a Revit user can override the graphical style of a model element, i.e. change something from a solid to a dashed or hidden

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