Month: May 2012

Drag and Drop Files

While doing a presentation for a client the other day I did something that was second nature to me and several of the participants were amazed that you could do that so I thought it should be a blog post. 

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Plan view types

Revit 2013 brings some new features to plan views.  First, if you are creating new Levels it will not only create a plan and RCP but Structural plans as well (This is true if you are in Revit, from the Building Design

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Revit 2013 templates

While using Revit 2013 I found a nice undocumented feature in the settings dialog (by undocumented I mean not mentioned in the “new” presentations).  In the file locations there is now the capability to have 5 project templates set and

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Ghosted Surface

In Revit 2013 they removed the ghosted surface option, don’t freak out just yet, they also removed the transparent option as well.  This still isn’t the time to freak out.  The reason both of the features were removed is due

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Custom Elevation Tags

I was really hoping that in Revit 2013 Autodesk would have truly fixed elevation marks so that there can be lines in the symbol and have them not rotate with the symbol.  We can have it with the text in

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