Month: May 2012

Override Graphics in View 2013 Dialog

In Revit 2013 I noticed that when you right click an element in a view and select “Override Graphics in View” by category it brings up a new dialog box instead of taking you straight to the Visibility Graphics dialog

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Revit 2013 3D View Rotation

As I have been using Revit 2013 I have noticed what I like to consider a bug, or at least a change in work-flow since the last release.  Maybe I consider it a bug because I don’t like the new

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Worksets and Links

When linking in Revit files it is common to not be paying attention to what workset is current.  This is not a big deal because it is easy to pick the linked file and change the workset in the properties

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Revit Basics – Dropping Families

When placing families in a project most everyone knows that you can go to the command you need to place a file.  For example if you want to draw a wall then you go to the wall command, if you

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Detached from Workplane Fix for Beam Systems

I find the “Element will be detached from its associated plane” warning the perhaps second most annoying warning (the beam slightly off axis is the most annoying). Sometimes there isn’t a good (read quick) way to fix this warning so

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