Month: February 2012

Adaptive slab edge

While training a client today the question had come up of how do you do a slab edge when the slab isn’t flat?  This can always be done as an inplace family sweep with a defined profile, but as we

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Revit Basics – Tab

This is an excerpt from an article that I wrote for AUGIWorld. “Press tab” is likely one of the phrases beginner Reviteers get tired of hearing.  It is common knowledge that the tab button can be used to cycle through

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Space Frame Panel by Pattern

In a previous post I added a curtain panel by pattern to a mass family, this family was set up to be a space frame. In this post I will get into how this family was created by using the curtain panel pattern

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Revit Technology Conference

Late last night Dezi and myself received emails that our abstracts were accepted by the RTC committee and we will both be teaching one lab and one lecture style sessions.  Since we both love RTC we were excited and now

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Revit 2012 Hotfix released

This week Autodesk released a Hotfix for all 64bit Revit applications. This hotfix improves product stability when working with large datasets. Make sure that Update Release 2 has been applied prior to adding the hotfix. Verify that the build number