Month: January 2012

ACE Mentoring

This year I got talked into helping out with a program called ACE Mentor Program.  Although I was hesitant to jump into this because I was unsure of the time commitment it would take I am really glad that I

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Design Review Mobile

I got on my iPad this morning and noticed that Autodesk had released an update for the Design Review Mobile app.  I was hoping that this upgraded version would allow me to take my redlines back to the cloud and

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Show Hidden Lines

This is a tool that seems to be underutilized when I visits firms, yet a tool that is very useful when it comes time to setting up construction documentation.  If there has ever come a need to show one objected

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Vasari Sliders part 2

I briefly posted about the Vasari Sliders earlier this month letting everyone know they were available for download again.  Well they have updated them and fixed some minor bugs, and added some nice features. Recent Updates  January 2012: 1.Whole number

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Section or Details in Legends

I run into this question usually on a weekly basis so I thought it would be a good post. When creating a legend, say a door frame legend, and there needs to be a reference a detail in that legend Revit wont

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